GAS Monitoring

Don’t run out of LP gas – Receive early warning!

No more excuses to run out of LP gas!!!

Conveniently monitor your LP gas cylinders locally via a wireless connection or from anywhere in the world with the Wi-Fi gateway.

Receive early warning notification when gas levels drop to a certain level.

Monitor using our free app available for iOS and Android or use the separate monitor.

Step 1 – Choose your sensor

The Standard Sensor (GLC-STD) – The YonkeGas Standard Sensor works on 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, and 19kg’s cylinders. R759.00 each including a set of 3 rubber spacers.

The XL Sensor (GLC-XL) – The YonkeGas XL Sensor works on larger tanks, from 48kgs and larger. R899.00 each including a set of 3 rubber spacers.

The sensors are installed at the bottom of the cylinder with industrial magnets and measures the gas level of the cylinder, the gas level is send via Bluetooth to either the free phone application, a dedicated dual monitor or to the Wi-Fi gateway. 

The sensors use a single CR2032 coin cell battery available at all major retail stores and will last approximately 12 months (dependent on ambient temperature)

Step 2 – Download the app & connect via bluetooth

Download the free YonkeGas app from your app store available for both iOS and Android.

Connect the sensor to the app with the simple to follow instructions included when you receive the sensor.

Multiple sensors can be connected to the app.

Recommended – rubber spacers

It is compulsory to use the rugged rubber spacers with the sensors.

The slight elevation from the ground allows the wireless signal quality to improve considerably.

The spacers will also protect your floor surface from scratches and rust stains that build up over time.

GLC-SPCRS R179.00 for a set of 3 rubber spacers.

Optional – Want to monitor remotely?

The remote Wi-Fi gateway allows you to monitor your cylinders from anywhere in the world.

Simply connect the sensors to the Wi-Fi gateway and the gateway to your Wi-Fi router and monitor it remotely from the app.

Simple instructions available in the packaging.

GLC-G/WAY R599.00 each.

Optional – the double monitor

The double monitor is a visual indication of the cylinder level installed close to the cylinders.

The double monitor can connect up to two cylinders and use colored LED to indicate the level of the LP Gas in the cylinder.

The sensors can connect to both the double monitor and the phone app.

GLC-MON R549.00 each.

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