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If your daytime electricity consumption makes up a large part of your monthly electricity bill then a Grid-Tie system can supply all or part of your daytime loads. The system works in parallel with the grid and a properly designed system will significantly reduce your electricity bill and give you an ROI of 3-5 years, over 20 years you could produce your own electricity at R0.56c/unit.

Commercial buildings, factories, and car parks are ideal for this type of system.

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Grid-Tie with back-up

The same as a Grid-Tie system however you want peace of mind knowing that your critical/essential loads can still operate if a power failure occurs.

Commercial buildings and factories are a good fit for this type of system and could also be integrated with an existing generator.

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Hybrid Grid Interactive

This system provides both Grid-Tie and battery back-up capability in one Inverter. These types of systems are great for residential applications and will save you money on your monthly energy spend and provide back-up power for your essential loads in case of a power failure. The flexible topology makes it possible to start with a basic system – Inverter + battery and expand to add PV Modules (Solar panels) and additional batteries later.

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Off-Grid system is not connected to the national grid. The design of these systems is critical and consists of larger battery bank to provide sufficient autonomy for night time use and cloudy days. These systems are typically only recommended where there is no National grid available.

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Back-Up only

Provide security to your critical/essential loads in case of power failure. If a Hybrid inverter in this topology then you can expand the system later to by adding PV Modules.

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