The world’s first invisible solar water heating system

Solarcap is a highly efficient solar water heating system that is not just more durable than current available versions, but also aesthetically pleasing. Solarcap works by replacing portions of your roof’s ridge cap with the Solarcap solar tanks.

What makes SolarCap different?

Estimated 20+ years life span.

Low maintenance cost.

10 Year Warranty.

Can be directly installed on a thatch roof.

Substantial energy cost savings when using solar energy to heat your water.

Locally designed and produced with local product support, resulting in lower production cost​.

Easily integrated onto existing buildings and energy systems to keep costs to a minimum.

Aesthetically pleasing. Designed to complement your existing roof system.


how solarcap works

Solarcap was born from the idea that the roof cap structure of any house could be utilised to store and heat water. To achieve this, we have re-engineered the existing roof ridge-cap component into the Solarcap. Solarcap is essentially a closed ridge-cap that can store and heat water. The water is heated by direct solar heat absorption. Additional heat is also applied to the Solarcap tanks due to the heating of the entire roof surface where an internal convection effect is generated. This forces heated air to rise within the roof toward the roof apex.

It takes 2X 2,8meter lengths of Solarcap pre-feeder tanks to efficiently heat enough water to supply a standard 150 liter geyser, but increased capacity can be achieved by chaining any amount of Solarcap tanks together.

Designed to blend in naturally

Solarcap has been designed to ‘stand out’ amongst other systems by not standing out when installed. Because the Solarcap tank replaces a portion of your roof ridge, it blends in with the roof structure. For this reason, This system has become very popular with estates, lodges and home owners who are looking for a more eco-friendly solution to blend in naturally with the architecture of the building. Although a black-coated tank is the more efficient choice, we are able to adjust the colour of the tank to better match your roof colour. The system is available in four standard colours, but customised colour options are also available.

Finance available

By using this water heating system, you will save enough money to pay off the initial investment in less than two years. Even though the saving is significant, we understand that the initial cost of installing the system might be the only reason keeping you from making the decision.

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