Geyser Heat Pumps

Domestic ITS Heat Pumps

Savings – Reduces your water heating electricity consumption by up to 75%.

Quiet operation – Designed for low operating noise and can be installed anywhere around the house.

Efficiency – Best in Class efficiency ensuring maximum saving.

Flexible – No solar collectors on the roof required. Can be retrofitted to Solar Geysers.

Environmentally friendly – ITS heat pumps use the natural energy in the ambient air and therefore seriously reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of electricity.

Safe and reliable – ITS heat pumps have been designed by a team of highly qualified engineers and boast many safety features ensuring reliable operation for many years.

Fully automated anti-freeze function – ITS heat pumps can operate in sub-zero temperatures and can defrost themselves automatically.

Beautiful finish and superior corrosion resistance – ITS uses high purity metals and quality finishes in the manufacturing of our heat pump to ensure the product will remain good-looking even after many years and offer superior corrosion resistance.

5-year warranty – ITS Heat pumps have a limited extended 5-year warranty and a full 1-year warranty. The system life expectancy is more than 10 years.

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