In South Africa today there is no legislation that governs the installation of rooftop solar. Due to the challenges we face in our national energy supply there has been a surge in companies seeing an opportunity to start installing solar systems, however installing solar PV is a specialised field and involves specific expertise and knowledge to ensure safe and reliable installations.

It is for this reason that the PV Green Card program, a private-sector quality initiative led by SAPVIA was established. The Greencard program not only ensure quality and safe installations but also give the end-user/consumer peace of mind and a platform to raise concerns if they are not entirely satisfied with their installation. All PV GreenCard registered installation companies have successfully completed a skills assessment process and commit to adhering to technical as well as safety standards and regulations. After contracting a PV GreenCard service provider, engineering, procurement, and construction of the PV system can begin.

The whole procurement process including all relevant installation steps as well as important information on equipment used (such as PV module and inverter specifications) are documented in a specific format: the PV GreenCard document serves as a lifelong companion for your PV system and will capture all future maintenance activities in your personal PV GreenCard.

Once your installation has been completed, you will receive a unique PV GreenCard installation number via SMS or email. You are required to visit the PV GreenCard website Customer page, where you can insert this unique number and review the details of the installation. You are further requested to accept this PV GreenCard. If you are not happy with the installation, you are welcome to decline or RedCard the installation.
Once we are alerted of this RedCard installation, an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) registered with the Department of Labour (DoL) will be requested to do an independent inspection. Should the AIA find that the installation was done against recommended standards, the Installation Company will need to rectify the installation at their own cost. Should the AIA find that the installation was done correctly, you will be responsible for the cost of the AIA.

UGotPower is committed to ensuring safe, reliable, high quality designs and installations.

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