Residential Geysers

Water heating makes up a large part of your monthly electricity spend. It is, therefore, worthwhile to consider alternatives.

For as little as R18 000.00 excl. you could potentially save up to 70% of your electricity bill.

Solar PV Geysers

The existing geyser element is replaced with a dual AC/DC element.

It uses between 2 and 4 standard PV solar panels to power the  DC element using the sun.

The AC element is controlled when required via timers through  the Geyserwise controller.

Solar Thermal Geysers

Latest Vacuum tube and flat plate collector technology using thermal energy from the sun to heat up your water.

The Electrical element is still available when required and controlled from a user  interface in the house.

Geyser Heat Pumps

Domestic heat pumps use up to 4 times less power to heat water compared to traditional geyser elements.

Enjoy hot water anytime at a quarter of the cost.

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